A Little Part of Me


pt. vii

Grade School

March 2013


Grade school..

as if being at home wasn’t torture enough for her.

Living with a man that studied a bottle every second

& every minute he had a harsh lesson to give out..

almost every night

& every day,

grade school was in

& when it was time to play

she ran from her classmates-

they couldn’t understand her

in her solitude always quiet & lonely…

as if being sad were a felony-

yes, the kids never understood her.

They would never know that at home she couldn’t sleep

so in grade school she would sneak in a nap-

short, interrupted with the slap of the teacher’s mouth

while all the other kids would laugh

as she wiped drool from her lip..

& despite her blatant intelligence

her teacher never questioned it

when every paper she turned in

turned out a flat “F”


because she has ragged clothes & puffy eyes,

a little girl with a white trash disguise-

what teacher would’ve even tried anyway?

They even used one of her papers on “no-no day”

to show other kids what NOT to do..

no one knew she didn’t have anything

so her mom printed that paper in the library and said

“Turn this in baby”

Because mother knew if she brought home another “F”

the man wouldn’t accept it-

he would throw a fit

& fit throwing he did…

But no one knew this…

so her days in grade school kept on like this:

getting bullied at school

getting beat down at home.

& no one ever asked the little girl

“What’s wrong?”

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