A Little Part of Me

1497143558427pt. vi

More Than Butterflies

August 2016


a smile finds it’s way to my face

as my mind takes a walk with you.

count all the things in this world to wonder about,

I mostly wonder of you…

how many tears have you held,

and what of the ones you let slip to the floor?

the number of lovers you’ve had,

number of kisses,




I wonder what you wonder.

I picture my face kissing yours-

my heart takes off!

and crashes like waves on every bank, coast, seaside, shore!

my blood is a river at light speed-

and in your eyes (in my mind)

I have found the universe, happiness and everything.

I have battled every muscle,

every instinct

but love is the most brilliant warrior of us all.

I have lost and in return I am amazed, triumphant.

I am more than a storm

I am mist.

and you light my infinite intricate water-droplets

with more colors than the sun brings the Earth!

I wonder if you see this too.

yes, you make me feel more wondrous than the Northern Lights!

like I am floating with the birds-dancing down Victoria Falls!

you have taken my body and thrown me into a beautiful pit of love and terror-

and, I? ..am hang-gliding


and I am soaring through the Great Barrier Reef.

with you..

I wonder if you feel this, too.

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