A Little Part of Me

bridgebw.JPGpt. iv

Hunted, Found, Haunted

November 2015


every drop falls surely to the mossy floor.

a creek made each side of my face;

(never mistake a creek for a river, no..)

a river would prove an angry heart.

I bring my eyes from the comfort of soil

looking to you..

seeing someone who is you, yet they are not and could never be.

I study your eyes,

no pain..

no sign of remorse.

any vine you touch turns to poison,

any flower wilt…

and you see me, the final flower around all.

I know my fate, a sentence that will end before the predicate.

yet, I beg your hands-

wrap me up,

end me now.

and I hope as you come closer

my tears will urge you to drink,

to feel the power of love again,

for only a moment..

before we turn to dust

for the Earth to consume,

the universe to remember our glowing affection,

and to forget our dark despair.



One comment

  1. JohnBain · May 8, 2017

    This I shouldn’t super dope…it’s like I can feel your words

    Liked by 1 person

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