A Little Part of Me


pt. iii

A Letter for Anyone that will Listen

February 2016


this is for you today,

whether the skies are grey-

if you’re high, sober, gay,

“normal”, straight.

even for the weirdos, pedophiles, arsonists,

and lames!

the losers, users, abusers,

ones with no shame.

it’s for the religious, the hypocrites,

the cheaters, thieves, the healers-

the politicians, the hippies, the nerds

and the cheerleaders!

for the homeless, the reckless,

a daughter who’s “too protected”-

the bullied and the bullies.

the bench-warmers and the follies.

for the ones brave enough to even be them!

for anyone alive-for all who are dead-yes!


life is short, but death is not.

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