A Little Part of Me

Tunnels of Turmoil
June 2016

allow me to break open your veins & watch
as the velvet river flows from your fragile human body…
I wish to fill a cup with your heart’s dearest
& swallow all of your pain.
take me to the place where you were deeper than depression
hiding suicide under your bed-
smothering the ones you love with terrible lies..that you are “okay”..
the most heavy-hearted sin to keep!
let me pull the tapeworm out of you
he is doing your soul harm!
filling you with wicked thoughts..
this terrible worm-
this demon creature!
exterminate the tunnels of hate eaten into you..
or-watch yourself crumble at it’s will.
hurling you to a pit of darkness..the depth of self death..
only to be carried away in a wooden box
that will rot in the earth.
giving your carcass up to the worms again..
…this time forever.

I need you to know..I want you to live.

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